Loreal White Perfect Laser Anti-spot Brightening Essence

Before I start, I would like to say thanks to all my readers, especially those who have left comments, liking my posts and even following my blog. It encourages me to continue blogging daily and it also ascribes some meaning to my insignificant existence. At least my words and photos have made someone pause for the a few seconds on the Internet. That truly means a lot to me. Thanks:))

Now, I’m aware that my skincare regime is pretty intense as compared to my peers. I believe anti-ageing prevention should start in one’s early 20s. Thus here’s my dressing table area:


Its actually filled with mainly haircare products as I do not switch between brands for skincare. I’ve only got one item for each type of skincare product, with the exception of essences. There are a few types of essences available in the market and I’m drawn to both whitening and anti-wrinkle essences. So I use the former in the day and the latter at night. Applying both essences at the same time is a strict no-no as the interaction between the ingredients would diminish the effectiveness of both essences. In that case, there wouldn’t be much point in applying. Today I’m gonna introduce my day essence – Loreal’s White Perfect Laser Anti-spot Brightening Essence.


I’ve been applying this essence once daily after my pre-essence. It helps to prevent pigmentation and dull skin. Its non-oily and light texture means that I can apply it even on my oily T-zone as I tend to develop pigmentation near my nose. Of course, I wouldn’t believe that using it produces similar effects as going for a cosmetic procedure. Claims made about products are usually slightly exaggerated, as always has been the case in the beauty industry. Nevertheless, this essence has served its purpose as a brightening essence well over the past year that I’ve been using it.

5 thoughts on “Loreal White Perfect Laser Anti-spot Brightening Essence

  1. You’ve made me a follower. 😀 Please continue to update, will be coming back for latest beauty finds and tips!

  2. i have bought loreal white perfect laser day cream…when i apply on my face feel little irritation through out the day…i have blemshises..want a clear face..should i continue? or leave applying

  3. If there is a little irritation throughout the day, it’s better to stop applying. Probably this product is not suitable for your skin. Some people are just more sensitive to certain chemicals.

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